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Who Are We?

Reno & Rent Brothers is a Lexa Residence makeover expert and also an award winning interior designer in Malaysia. Known throughout Kuala Lumpur & Selangor for sophistication and elegance, Reno & Rent Brothers is the chosen designs firm by real estate investors as well as own stay owners.

We strategize your home renovation and makeover to add more value to your property, and to ensure in increasing your revenue, and obtain a hassle free business. Our goal is to ensure every client achieve their investment goal and also to become leading interior designer in Malaysia.

How The Makover is Done

Reno & Rent Brothers strategy comprises of 3 Simple Steps:


We Identify the best design for your property type, location and prepare cost of renovation estimation that suit the type of tenant that will rent your property in future.


Within 30 days, your house will undergo extensive makeover and it will have a new look!

Rent It

Our professional photographer will make your property stand out from the others and with our proven formula, we will attract the right tenants and achieve the best possible rental income.

Our Packages


We help you convert your house into a beautiful house and improve your lifestyle.

This package is suitable for owners who wish to do makeover for his/her own stay or family. Makeover is made based on makeover package.


We understand that every owner desires to rent out their property with a maximum return of investment.

This package is the strategy created by Reno & Rent Brothers whereby we strategize the renovation so that your property is being rented with a higher occupancy rate for long term investment.


Normal Rental is the strategy suitable to rent out a family or bachelors with careers.

A well designed house that is fully furnished leads to a higher rental price; thus leads to a competitive advantage within the rental market.

Our Portfolio @ Lexa Residence

Rental Strategy:


Makeover price:


Makeover Theme:


Makeover objective:

1. Increase the take up of rental.
2. To add value to the unit.
3. Outstanding marketing profile.
4. Increase opportunity for marketing & rentability.

About Property

Lexa Residence nestles on 2.69 acre of land, right in the heart of the ever-evolving Wangsa Maju. The low-density residence is reaping the bountiful benefits of the suburban area that is the home to thousands of family. Home seekers at Lexa Residence are guaranteed affordable properties surrounded by a great homely atmosphere.

Why Choose Reno Rent Brothers?

Reno & Rent Brothers creates a fun and exciting experience during the transformation process, holding the hand of each unique client through every important decision and phase of makeover / renovation development. Here are the reasons why our clients fall in love our makeover / home renovation service.

20% Cost Effective

Reno Rent Brothers goal is to ensure our clients earn to have maximum gain on their property investment. Hence, we keep the renovation cost effective to ensure our clients are profitable throughout their investment period.

30% Faster Completion

Reno Rent Brothers teams are highly trained and we ensure that your property renovation will be completed within the dateline.

30% Rental Increase

Reno Rent Brothers mission is to turn your property into high value & demand real estate. As for the record, we have help our clients increase their rental price up to 30% than average market rental price.

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