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No budget? No worry. Really!

Reno n Rent Brothers offering is by mean to help you grow. We can work even if you don’t have any budget to kickstart your rental / sublet project. We can work together in optimizing potential and reducing the risk at the same time. Our expert handyman (Interior Designer) and Experienced Realtor are ready to work for your case. Let’s work together for better.

  • We take your case seriously
  • We have clear objectives of what to achieve
  • We include you in the venture
  • Always room for negotiation
  • For both good. All win

Talk to us for evaluation

Start by contacting us and extend your inquiry. We are here and ready to justify.

See Objective in Design & Numbers

After mutual agreement met, we will come up with clear proposal. Your unit will be given a virtual Interior Design touch by our ID and Rental Pricing Potential / Scheme by our realtor.

Getting our hand dirty

Once executed, Reno N Rent Brothers will take over the whole renovation process and also potential tenant searches. You just sit back and relax. See the transformation not just to your property but to your pocket!

Our Awesome Brothers

Yes we are strangers to you but we ditch the word most of the time and change it to business partner

Our Case Study

No matter what type your property is or how big or how bad the condition is, we will take it as a positive challenge. Let’s discover more of our previously completed case studies. We love it, owner likes it, tenants living it.

Our other services

We are talented and multitasking personnel. We also provide other related service that may suits your need.


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